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Banni de Corée du Nord

From 2008 to 2012, Eric Lafforgue made 6 trips to North Korea. In 2013 the regime discovered he is a photographer. He was asked to delete some pics he was forbidden to take since they reveal the scale of poverty in the country. But he refused "I refused as I show all the aspects of North Korea: the good and the bad. Just like I do with any country I visit. I refused to make an exception for North Korea and they didn't like this." Then, he got banned for life from North Korea.

He gives us a rare glimpse of life inside this isolated country, that imposes strict restrictions on freedom of speech. During his trips, he was able to interact with North Korean people. Beyond all the clichés, Eric Lafforgue offers a positive and benevolent gaze of North Korea. His photos and travel stories capture some of the unique flavor of North Korea, often unknown by the public.

Hachette Tourisme, 2018. ISBN 978-2012440791. French.

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Every year, hundreds of Papuans coming from all parts of the country gather in Mount Hagen, in the heart of the Papua New Guinea Mountains. During this ceremony that they prepare for months, clans with their sumptuous dresses and hats do compete in dances and songs. Wearing feathers, necklaces, bracelets and shells, faces and bodies are carefully painted and smeared with fragrant oils ... so many colorful portraits magnified in this book.

Papous. Kubik, 2007. ISBN 978-2350830476. French.

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